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Business Residence Permit in Turkey

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Guideline for the Residence Permit Applicaton Process for Foreignes who has a business visa in Turkey


  1. VISA- Apply for a business visa in your country of origin.

  2. OBTAIN REQUIRED DOCUMENTS FROM SPONSOR COMPANY - You will need  to ask for company papers from the Turkish company who has sponsored you. If this is not possible, you will need to Form a Turkish Company. (At we can assist you in forming a company) 

  3. TAX NUMBER -Once in Turkey you will need to obtain a Tax number from the Tax Office.

  4. HEALTH INSURANCE - You will need to obtain Turkish health insurance (Limits are set by the government and cover Turkish Hospitals) Health Insurance fees begin at 600.00 TL and go up according to type of health care package.

  5. BANK ACCOUNT- You must open a Turkish bank account and demonstrate sufficent funds (500 Dollars/ Month or 6,000.00 Dollars/ year).

  6. RESIDENCE PERMIT- Once you have the above documents in order you may apply for a residence permit


At Permit In Turkey we know this process can be challenging and tedious for foreigners. We provide a complete service for the residence permit application process, so all you have to do is be present at you residence permit appointment.




  • How long does the process take?


     One to eight weeks depending upon the availability of the related government office


  • How much are the governmental fees for the residence permit?


      It is usually 105.00 Dollars/person



*This information is intended to serve only as a guideline for what the application process looks like, the actual process may vary. Please contact us to recieve detailed information for your specific case.