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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Residence Permit in Turkey?

Foreigners who wants to stay in Turkey longer than their visa may apply for Resident Permit in Turkey.

Who are eligible to apply for Resident Permit in Turkey?

Any foreigner from any nationality who had entered Turkey legally, has right to apply for Resident Permit in Turkey.
How much is the application fee for Resident Permit in Turkey?

The application fee varies for different nationals depending on their duration of stay. Please contact with us to calculate your application fee.
Do I need to be in Turkey to apply for Resident Permit?

Yes, You need to be in Turkey to apply for Turkish Residence Permit.

How long does it take to gain a Turkish Residence Permit?

The process normally takes two weeks. But this can be longer depending on the availability of related governmental office.

Can I legally stay in Turkey until I gain Resident Permit in Turkey?

Yes. Your application to related governmental office will give you right to legally stay in Turkey even if your visa expires .

Why should I choose Bingol Firm to assist me with my Resident Permit Application in Turkey?

The answer is the professional and personalized service you will receive from Int. Attorney Ilkay H. Bingöl. Your application will be handled personally by Int. Attorney Ilkay H. Bingöl and not a lawyer you do not know.

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