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Our package includes:​

  1. Opinion Letter on Your Specific Legal Situation in Turkey. Lawyer Ilkay H. Bingol will review your answers and write an aponion letter.

  2. Phone Consultation with Lawyer Ilkay Bingol regarding the  resident permit application.

  3. Having you Preparing Documents for the Application.

  4. Drafting and Filling Your Resident Permit Application. 

  5. Assisting You on your Resident Permit Application by a Lawyer. You will have a confidence to be assisted by a lawyer at the related governmental office.

  6. Tracking Your Resident Permit Application.

How it works:

STEP 1: Contact with us pay the flat legal fee


STEP 2Lawyer Ilkay H. Bingöl will provide you consultation regarding your resident permit application and answer all of your questions.

STEP 3Within 2 business days we will complete your resident permit application and e-mail you.

STEP 4: You will be assisted by a lawyer at the appointment for your resident permit at which time you will pay the Turkish Government filing fee.



 Still have questions? Call +90-212-988-14-18 for a free consultation.



Ilkay went above and beyond helping us procure our resident permit. I knew I could rely on him for his expertise and guidance. Emails to him and his team were answered promptly and professionally. I understood every step of the process. I've found him to be a true professional, and a true expert when it comes to resident permit! Permit in Turkey Co. has our highest recommendation.

                                                                                        -Natalia Rybakiewicz, from Poland


​Q: Are there any additional fees that I should be aware of?

A: Our flat fee service applies to any resident permit being filed without any conflict.  If your resident permit does not meet these requirements, call Ilkay H. Bingöl and he will provide a flat fee quote for your specific matter.

Q: How much is the Turkish Government filling fee?
A: The Turkish Government filling fee for resident permits varies for each nationality and duration of stay in Turkey. Please contact with us to calculate your government filling fee.

Flat Fee Resident Permit Application

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